Who can Benefit from Genox Products and Services?
[bullet]  Scientific Community

Genox specializes in assays commonly used in Oxidative Stress Assessment and Free Radical Research. We provide a complete line of oxidative stress biomarker assays that are undertaken in-house by us.  We offer special bulk discount for contract analysis of large numbers of samples, on a competitive basis. Highly trained personnel are employed for testing the various biomarkers that constitute the Genox Oxidative Stress ProfileTM.  State-of-the-art equipment, automation and computer data analysis are utilized. The large number of assays run on a daily basis also reduces the analytical costs. In addition, Genox has made the standardization of its assays to comply with international and government quality control standards as a top priority. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has bestowed an excellent rating on our carotenoid and tocopherol assays. Genox also offers ELISA Assay Kits and Monoclonal Antibodies, for use by the scientific community in their own laboratories. We also have the knowledge, expertise, and flexibility to develop a customized panel of assays best suited for a particular research project. Genox seeks collaborative research arrangements that are designed to explore the importance of oxidative stress in health and disease. 

[bullet]  Preventive and Diagnostic Medicine

Oxidative Stress ProfilingTM is being used as an increasingly important tool by preventive medicine practitioners, and is expected to become an integral component of routine medical examinations. By utilizing an individual's Oxidative Stress Profile in conjunction with other medical data, a physician can advise patients whether they are at unusual risk for oxidative stress-mediated disease and can recommend what follow-up action needs to be taken.  In some cases, the simple addition of specific antioxidants to the diet, as dictated by an oxidative stress profile, may be all that is needed to dramatically lower an individual's risk to a particular disease. 

Such information is highly valuable to the wellness and health management organizations to reduce long-term insurance costs.

Many hereditary diseases, including Down's syndrome, sickle cell anemia and diabetes appear to be accompanied by unusually high levels of oxidative damage. Oxidative Stress ProfilingTM can provide useful information for treatment to reduce the severity of the disease. Other diseases, such as malaria, AIDS, and many microbial and viral infections, though are not caused by oxidative stress, but the progression and side effects of such diseases increase the oxidative stress level. In addition, premature babies are often in a state of high oxidative stress, and can benefit from an antioxidant fortified formula, if properly diagnosed. There are a number of drugs that have serious side effects associated with unusually high levels of oxidative stress. Monitoring an individual's Oxidative Stress Profile will aid physicians in controlling these side effects. Oxidative Stress ProfilingTM has an important role in the development of new drugs having minimum side effects, as well as in the development of drugs and functional food formulations designed to control oxidative stress levels.

[bullet]  Agricultural and Food Manufacturing

The food we eat represents an important source of our essential antioxidants. Yet a specific strain of vegetable, fruit, or any other plant can have wide differences in antioxidant content depending on breeding, cultivation, harvesting and processing conditions. Quality control during food manufacturing and processing often requires close monitoring of antioxidant status. Genox provides the advanced analytical techniques to assess the antioxidant content of plants as well as food products. This allows us to identify the best strains, and harvesting and food processing conditions to ensure maximum antioxidant content.