What is the Genox "Oxidative Stress Profile"?
Genox has developed a unique set of assays used to create an oxidative stress profile privides information on the oxidation stress state of the individual as well as the factors that governs its level. While it is not yet possible to predict the risk of diseases incidence associated with a given oxidation stress serves no stress useful function, it is reasonable to predict that the lower the oxidative stress level, the less likely is that health problems will develop. The Genox Oxidation Stress Profile consists of the follwing four categories of data:

  • Rate of Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species
  • Scavengers of Reactive Oxygen Species and Ternination of Lipid Peroxidation Reactions
  • Oxidation Damage Levels
  • Rate of Removal and Repair of Oxidative damage

Oxidative Stress profiling is generally accomplished through the use of serum and urine samples. By taking advantage of the remarkable progress that has been made in this relatively new field of oxidative stress assessment, Genox has developed cost effective methods for the non-invasive oxidative stress measurement. Advanced instrumentation, coupled with robotics technology and computerized data analysis, ensure the output of high quality data and reliable reports. This allows Genox to offer the highest quality of analyses at competitive prices.