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Company Profile

The major function of the company is to trade Medical products at various locations. The trading of the Medical products is carried out both in the domestic as well as the international market. Chemmed Corporation has an objective for a diverse business with a common goal to serve the various industries and the communities satisfying the needs of the customers and build up a good relationship with its suppliers. Chemmed Corporation and its associated companies have a vision to innovate.

Chemmed Corporation maintains an office in Pakistan with affiliated companies in Geneva, Monaco, London, Bombay, Panama and Seoul for its International operation.

The officers and the board of directors of Chemmed Corporation come from different sector with its expertise in the domestic and International Market.

Company's Information
Any information about Chemmed Corporation and its affiliated companies can be made available to the interested parties after an agreement of Confidentiality is signed between the two parties. Further information can be sent upon request

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